Best PHP framework

I am going to refactor one of mine projects
It was done with PHP, looks ugly but sometimes it really helpful.
Its time to make it looks better with twitter bootstrap and use one of the modern PHP frameworks.

Google suggest this article for Best PHP frameworks
And there is such statistics

Its looks like a little bit strange for me, Lavarel and Phalcon , are they really so popular?
I checked odesk for each framework name, and here is:

  • Laravel 108 jobs
  • Phalcon 5
  • Symfony 112
  • Codeigniter 329
  • Yii 160
  • Aura 11
  • CakePHP 170
  • Zend 205
  • Kohana 23


Not sure how was calculated popularity, checking jobs required by the market the leaders are: Codeigniter, Zend, CakePHP

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